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Inch” / Q&A

First of all, let’s do this in English because we’ve had a ton of questions come in and some of them from our English speaking customers and partners abroad!

Let me start by saying how incredible all the support and love has been from all of you! Million thanks for all the likes, shares, comments and messages we’ve had the pleasure of receiving since our announcement last Sunday regarding our up and coming independence!

Let’s brake down some questions we’ve had!

Q: What’s going on? What is Inch” and what’s all the fuzz about?

A: We are finally reaching our long lived dream of becoming an independent denim store. We’ve come to an agreement with Studio25 chain to go our separate ways and as of 1.7.2014 we will continue our journey as a true independent brick&mortar denim store, called Inch”.

But until the end of June, business goes on as usual and we will proudly serve as a Studio25 store.

Q: Are you going to move?

A: Hell no, we got the coolest space in town!

Old courtyard covered with a glass roof, two storeys, some open space and get this, we recently started a co-operation with Bistro Venla and we now have an indoor terrace in our downstairs. So yeah, you, me and everyone can now drink margaritas in our downstairs, nobody wants to leave!

Q: What happens to my bonuses I’ve collected this spring?

A: We have negotiated a transition period that enables our customers to use their hard earned bonuses from 23.6. until the end of July. So make sure to come in before 31.7.2014 to take advantage of your bonuses!!

Our bonus system will function normally until the end of June. In July we need to retrieve the bonus amounts manually, so please make sure to mention if you have some bonuses!

Tämä kohta on hyvä kerrata myös Suomeksi.

Eli kevätkaudella kerätyt ostohyvitykset pystyy käyttämään meillä juhannuksen jälkeen normaalisti Kesäkuun loppuun asti. Olemme lisäksi neuvotelleet siirtymäajan, eli pystymme vielä Heinäkuun ajan tarjomaan meillä kerätyt ostohyvitykset käytettäväksi. Heinäkuussa joudumme hakemaan hyvityssummat manuaalisesti toiselta koneelta, joten muistakaa mainita myyjälle jos sinulla on kertyneitä ostohyvityksiä!

Q: How did you come up with the name inch?

A: We wanted it to have something to do with our soul, which is denim. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with a pair of jeans that fit perfectly. We take extra care in giving out the right size. Inch is the size measure in jeans.

Name was actually born about a year and a half ago in a loft room in Hotel Michelberger, Berlin. After a long day at the fashion fair, me and Anu were relaxing with a bottle of red and shooting ideas for a name. Anu said it out loud and we both felt it deep inside that it’s the one. We have come a long way since that moment.

Q: Why are you leaving Studio25?

A: Over time we’ve seen how our store has become a brand of it’s own. We’ve created our own method of working and most importantly, our own style. Also, it is our absolute passion to stand alone as an independent store.

The good people of Studio25 will remain our friends and we wish all the best for the whole crew!

Q: Are you going to have a big party!?

A: We suck at throwing parties. We are much better in selling denim!

But keeping this in mind we are cooking up something totally new that hasn’t been done before. A fun local collaboration, that includes boozing, so no worries…!

Q: What is going to happen to your brands? Are they going to change?

A: Our brand portfolio is constantly evolving. One of the greatest advantages of our independence is the freedom to choose the best brands for our customers. Rest assured that things will only get better!

In our values, one of the most important one is that we work with partners and brands that we personally respect. We set our standards high and stay true to our core values. Only that way we are able to earn our customers trust.

And to actually answer your question, there are some changes. Not a lot, because as most of you know, we are doing a pretty good job already. So we are going to terminate our partnership with just few brands for various reasons and we are going to bring some super exciting brands in!

We might as well reveal the first ones!

In the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2014 season we are first of all bringing back Diesel. They have a fantastic women’s denim called ”Skinzee” which is one thing where going to have in our denim selection. Otherwise, we have hand selected some great styles from Diesel collections for men and women.

Then we have signed one of the hottest Danish brands out there called Samsoe&Samsoe. It is absolutely perfect for us and our customers! Super fresh, great materials and good prices! Samsoe&Samsoe kind of sums up the whole Danish fashion hype that ’s going on right now. They have several collections a year, they work fast and always show the current look with their own twist and flavor. We are excited to start with them and absolutely can’t wait to get our hands on the first deliveries.

Another addition for our brand portfolio is Elvine, which we actually tested out last winter. Elvine is a cool, down to earth brand from Gothenburg, Sweden. They make great jackets. No, let me rephrase that, they make fucking awesome jackets and you feel it the minute you put an Elvine jacket on. This is what we really appreciate in a brand. They do one thing extremely well and carry it out with style. Elvine’s collection took us by surprise when we learned that they also offer a nice small collection on tops. We chose some great ones for you, you’ll be amazed!

Last and most exciting of them all. We have the privilege and honor of having the new Johan Lindeberg brand called BLK DNM.

It was at the Copenhagen fashion week in 2013 when we first saw BLK DNM and it took our breath away. It was in a class of it’s own. It was black, it was leather and denim. Raw, rude, simple, beautiful and so very current. Yes we’ve seen loads of very ”black collections” from various brands, but no one has captured that spirit in way that that BLK DNM has done it. I mean wow!

And let me tell that it was not an easy task getting this brand. They are super selective on their doors. Meaning that they only qualify the absolute best retailers in the world to represent BLK DNM. We are humbled in being of them.

Follow BLK DNM blog (click here) and you’ll get it. It’s worn by superstars and Mr. Johan Lindeberg, being a superstar himself in the fashion industry, is very present with the brand. He’s shooting photos himself and publishing them with personal regards to fans and followers. Very cool.

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